New Album from Nu.Clear.Dawn guitarist Shant Hagopian

Nu.Clear.Dawn guitarist releases the second album from his project Semantic Saturation. Buy the album directly from the band.

Semantic Saturation - Paradigms

Semantic Saturation is a progressive rock/progressive metal project founded by Canadian guitarist Shant Hagopian. The foundation of the project is based on the idea to work with a different set of musicians on every album.

Featured musicians on the album include drummer Craig Blundell (Frost*/Steven Wilson), bassist Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex-Pain of Salvation), guests Derek Sherinian (Sons of Apollo), Alex Argento on keyboards, and the lovely jazz vocalist Houry Dora Apartian.

PARADIGMS is now available in CD, Special Edition CD&DVD, Vinyl and digital formats through the brand new Semantic Saturation online store.

Poem of a Knight Now Available on Bandcamp

Poem of a Knight is now available for streaming on Bandcamp.
The album is also available for purchase in both digital and physical formats. Very low quantities remain for physical CDs.

The bandcamp page is available here.

10 Years Ago Today

Poem of a Knight was released on July 16, 2003 after an eventful year of writing, recording, mixing and mastering sessions.

The debut album was the first officially released metal record in Syria, Poem of a Knight received positive reviews from acclaimed webzines such as Metal Storm and The Metal Observer.

The release followed by a mini tour throughout the Middle East and a performance in on of the largest festivals in the area “Rock the Nations” 2004 in Istanbul, Turkey; sharing the stage with big names like Pain of Salvation, Epica, Sentenced, Vanden Plas and more.

To celebrate these 10 years of "Poem of a Knight" we have reduced the price of the CDs all the way down to $4.99 only.

Important notice: There are only about 20 copies left in our inventory, and there will be no further pressings or replication. Technically we'll be sold out.

So. Get your copy here before it's too late.

New Album Now Available

New Semantic Saturation album is now available.

Buy your copy now directly from the band Go to the Store

Download 2 free tracks from the new Semantic Saturation album

Download 2 FREE tracks from the new Semantic Saturation album, featuring Derek Sherinian, Virgil Donati, Shant Hagopian, Ric Fierabracci and Andy Kuntz.

Announcing Semantic Saturation - a Project by Nu.Clear.Dawn guitarist Shant Hagopian

With great excitement and passion for music, we present you Nu.Clear.Dawn guitarist Shant Hagopian's project Semantic Saturation with the debut album Solipsistic.

Featuring world class musician, progressive metal keyboard guru - DEREK SHERINIAN (ex Dream Theater) as a special guest, RIC FIERABRACCI on bass, VIRGIL DONATI on drums and one of the great Prog. vocalists ANDY KUNTZ from Vanden Plas.

Please like and share the Semantic Saturation Facebook page to stay tuned for more announcements regarding the names of all the other participating musicians.

If you still like to become part of this project, this is your last chance to donate and have your name printed in the CD booklet: Become part of this project

Poem of a Knight in Japan

Poem of a Knight is now available in the Japanese market through the Asian Rock Rising website.

If you're in Japan Click here to buy.

Nu.Clear.Dawn on ReverbNation

Nu.Clear.Dawn is now featured on, please head there and support the band by listening to three tracks for FREE from the album "Poem of a Knight", don't forget to leave us a comment on the wall, and click the "Become a Fan" button.

Fans can also download "Poem of a Knight" from our store on ReverbNation

The Blog

Make sure you're not missing the Blog updates from Shant regarding his upcoming solo album.
So far there are 2 demo teasers released from his album, here's demo #2.

"Like" the Nu.Clear.Dawn fan page on Facebook and stay tuned with all the updates.

Watch the demos here

Shant Hagopian is working on his solo album.

Here's an important message from Shant.

" I'm currently working on my first solo album, it has already been a year full of writing composing and recording some great music tunes, there are currently 6 tracks written some of which are recorded and completed, waiting the final touch ups, mixing and mastering.

I'm working with different musicians, and I will start revealing their names as we get closer to the funding goal.

I've decided to set up a fund-raising page so you can help me accomplish my task and realize my dream, by donating you will greatly help in finishing my album faster and with greater quality.
In return you will receive my album for free of course, plus you will be REWARDED. Details can be found here "


Click here to support Shant

Brand new Nu.Clear.Dawn website launched !

It has been more than 2 years since the last update on the NCD website, and the reason is that all the members being in a different location on the planet, (well the other reason is laziness). Never the less here we are again, with a customizable, user friendly, up to date, faster, better, heavier, ultra shiny brand new website!

As you may have been following the news on our Facebook fan page, you've probably heard that 'Poem of a Knight' is now available for purchase on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic and a bunch of other online stores, so if you haven't done so already, go ahead and support us by buying a couple of songs, we assure you that all earnings are 100% transferred to the band.

Well let's put it this way, if you really really want to hear new NCD songs and/or a new album, you need to support the band (at least financially). And if you're feeling too generous, there is a Donate button on the right.

Welcome back to the dark side !

Nu.Clear.Dawn on TV

The Shabablek magazine had a special evening about all kinds of art on the Syrian satellite channel Al-Fadaieh, including an exclusive interview with Aram and with two other musicians, where they shared their opinions and ideas about the progress of every kind of music in Syria, Aram also gave some information about the new album, and the upcoming projects of Nu.Clear.Dawn.

A Side Project With Jack Power in Damascus on 16 May 2006

For the first time in Damascus, Jack Power will be performing with his band at Amigos (Harasta beside the panorama) on 16 May 2006 - 11:30 p.m

The band has a little change in the line up, featuring the new bass player Mounsef Trkmani who is a friend of Aram, and also a member in two other bands with different kinds of style "Notta" & "Salad".

The line up:
Jack power - Vocals
Aram Kalousdian - Drums
Raffi Kantarjian - Guitar
Mounsef Trkmani - Bass
Ak - Keyboard

Lattakia Rock Festival

When: Friday 25 November 2005
Where: Casino Hotel - 5:30 p.m.

Lattakia is the fourth city in Syria where Nu.Clear.Dawn will perform live with two other local bands.
-"Mute" from Lattakia
-"Black Castle" from Damascus

The festival is organized by Aiham Farwi.

Nescafe Rock Festival

The first mega festival in Aleppo/Syria with a lot of great bands from all over Syria.
On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of Nov. 2005
at the "Four Seasons Club" - 5:00 p.m.
Nu.Clear.Dawn will perform in this Festival on Sunday 20 Nov. 2005

Featured festival bands are:
Jack Power
Midnight blue
Yousef`s World

Side Project With Jack Power

The former vocalist of Nu.Clear.Dawn, Jack Power is one of the oldest singers in the rock history of Syria, who gained a lot of fans in the region during all these years.
Jack Power will perform with Aram in the Nescafe Rock Festival on Sunday 20 November 2005.

The line up:
Jack Power - vocals
Aram Kalousdian - drums
Raffi Kantargian - guitar
Michele Asmar - bass

Nu.Clear.Dawn Show in Homs, Syria - October 1, 2005

For the very first time Nu.Clear.Dawn will be performing a classic rock evening to remember at the underground hall of Safir Homs Hotel on 1st October at 5:30 p.m. with opening acts Olive and Midnightblue.

Tickets are available in Homs at the following stores:
- Music Planet
- City cd
- Radio One
- Echo Records
- Lazer Records
- Donia Al-fan
- and on doors

"Poem of a Knight" Released in France

Nu.Clear.Dawn debut album is now available in France music stores, through "Brennus Music" French record company, "Poem of a Knight" can be ordered through or in major French distribution stores likes Virgin megastore and Fnac.

Possible Nu.Clear.Dawn German Tour

Nu.Clear.Dawn is currently preparing for their first German tour which will hopefully take place in Summer 2005.
There will be 3 shows in different cities in Germany including Berlin.

Stay tuned with the Shows page for any updates.

Nu.Clear.Dawn signs with Brennus Music

N.C.D signed a distribution contract with the french based record company Brennus-Music for distributing the debut album "Poem of a Knight" in France.

"Poem of a Knight" will be available for the French metalheads starting February 2005.

The Radio is Playing "Poem of A Knight"

Click here to jump to the radio page of The Metal Observer then hit the yellow 'Play' button to tune in.

Exclusive Nu.Clear.Dawn interview on Dream T.V

After the great success of Nu.Clear.Dawn's show in Rock The Nations open air metal festival in Istanbul Turkey on 4th of July 2004 the band met for an interview with the Turkish channel Dream T.V. who also taped down the performance on video.

The show and interview will be broadcasted on Dream T.V. within the program name "Yuxexes" on Wednesday 14th or 21th of July 2004

Footage from the Rock The Nations can be found in the Multimedia section.

Rock The Nations Festival Tickets and Trip Information

Nu.Clear.Dawn will perform in Istanbul/Turkey at the "Rock The Nations" open air festival II, this year on 2/3/4th of July 2004

We are presenting a Syrian trip to all Syrian metalheads, for everyone who wants to attend the festival.
The tour costs include the following:
-Turkish Visa
-Border Taxes
-2 way transportation costs (by bus)
-Rock The Nations festival ticket for all 3 days !
-3 star hotel for 4 nights including breakfast

Tour Info:
-The Bus moves on Wednesday 30th of June 2004 - 10:00 a.m. from Aleppo heading to Istanbul
-Arrival at Istanbul on Thursday morning 1st of July and heading to the hotel
-2nd 3rd 4th of July at Rock The Nations festival venue
-Departure from Istanbul on Monday 5th of July heading to Aleppo
-Arrival to Aleppo Tuesday 6th of July 2004

The deadline for reserving your ticket is on 15th of June 2004

for more information email us at [email protected] or call from Syria 093-290190

Nu.Clear.Dawn Will Perform At "Rock The Nations" Istanbul

Rock The Nations - open air festival - The biggest event of the year
Maslak venue on 2-3-4 July Istanbul / Turkey

Rock The Nations the biggest festival that brought to you Dio, Opeth, Kreator and more bands last year are back with 30 bands in a Huge 3 days festival this year taking place in 2-3-4 July 2004

So far, the following 23 bands have been confirmed to appear at the festival:

PAUL DI'ANNO (x Maiden)
MEZARKABUL (Pentagram)
BLAZE (x Maiden)

Stay tuned, as there will be more bands to confirm soon...

Nu.Clear.Dawn is also arranging a trip for all the metal heads in Syria to take part of this journey to Turkey/Istanbul & stay together all the time during the 3 days show and till everyone returns safely back to their homes.

The tour costs include
  • Preparing Visas
  • Moving to Istanbul
  • Hotel
  • Show Tickets
  • Returning to Syria

For more details and for everyone who's Interested please Email us at [email protected]

Stay Metal ...

Nu.Clear.Dawn Damascus Show Confirmed

Show date for Damascus confirmed, Nu.Clear.Dawn is going to perform live at
Rametta Theater on 2nd of April 2004 in Damascus

Tickets are available at the following places
Al-Saadeh Records

Dunia Al-fan
Music Planet Records

A&T Records
Radio Music Records
Radio One Records
Storm Records
Mousally Records

Music Now Records
A&T Records
Neptune Records
Eido Records
and On Theater Doors

NOTE: Aleppo Tickets include free transportation to Damascus !

There will be an autograph session with the band after the end of the show!

Doors Open at 5:00 pm and show starts at 6:00 pm. The show will be approximately 2 hours long, Nu.Clear.Dawn will perform the album
"Poem of a Knight" in its entirety, and along with covers for other bands.

Get ready to rock!

This show is sponsored by:
Konica - Hagopian Lab. - Orbit - MusiKa - Yamaha - Montarbo - Shant Web Design - A&T records - TDK - Studio 55 - - Virgin

History Added in The Metal Observer

Nu.Clear.Dawn history page was added in The Metal Observer webzine; one of the largest metal websites in Germany, after the review of "Poem of a Knight" in there.

The Metal Observer also will be hosting upcoming show dates for any of the Nu.Clear.dawn concerts and shows. Show dates will also be available in all the following websites:
The Metal Observer, Vampire, MetalBite, Metal Storm, Holland Metaal, Heavy Metal Maniacs, Bang Your Brain, Blackfuel, Masterful Magazine &

Dream Theater Songwriting Contest Update

Nu.Clear.Dawn's entry for the Dream Theater Songwriting Contest has reached its destination (Dream Theater's hands), the band is now representing Syria and the whole middle east to the progressive world metal fans all over the world.

The following is a message from Mike Portnoy himself:
source: Official Dream Theater website


We received exactly 50 entries!
They came in from all over the world: US, UK, Brazil, France, Germany, Norway, Columbia, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Japan and even Syria!

The response is totally overwhelming and the fan's enthusiasm to rise to this challenge is totally inspiring. It is going to be close to impossible to fairly and justly pick a single winner!

The biggest hurdle right now is finding the time to gather in order to listen to all of the entries. (50 entries at roughly 11 minutes each = 10 HOURS of music!!!)
Everybody put so much time and effort into their entries that we want to make sure every single one gets a complete listen and fair judgment....

So with that in mind, and the fact that all of us are on very different schedules at the moment (John Myung is currently in Japan, I will be in Europe throughout most of next month, etc.), we just want everybody to be aware that the winner will not likely be announced right away.

We can however guarantee that the winner will indeed be announced before the DT World Tour kicks off in January in order to honor the grand prize.

Congratulations to all of the contestants and we are looking forward to hearing all of the creative results!


Wish us luck!

Nu.Clear.Dawn Re-enters The Studio

The band re-entered the studio to start writing and recording a single instrumental track, which is going to be sent to the Dream Theater songwriting contest, everything must be finished before the deadline Oct. 15

More information on the Official Dream Theater website.

Nu.Clear.Dawn featured in

Detialed info about Nu.Clear.Dawn can now be found in the website, the band would like to thank TheBlackGoth for the support.


"Poem of a Knight" Released !

Poem of a Knight
The long awaited debut album of Nu.Clear.Dawn is now available in music stores arounf Syria, release date: 16 July 2003.

More release dates and locations will be added soon for Lebanon, Jordan and other countries.

stay tuned!

Nu.Clear.Dawn featured in Lebanese websites

The band has been featured in the most popular websites of Lebanese bands like ...,, and, some of them are also streaming mp3 samples from the new album "Poem of a Knight".

Nu.Clear.Dawn would like to thank all these websites and their webmasters.

And Finally ...

The band finished all the mixing stuff for "Poem of a Knight" and also did the copyrighting for the CD, the CDs are being copied as we speak, and the cover & booklet and all the artwork is getting prepared.

And here we are waiting for the release date to be confirmed, so till that time you can listen to some songs from the album in the Multimedia section.

Information Regarding The Album

Everyday we get a lot of emails and questions about the album from the fans, this message is for you.

The Album is ready and is titled "Poem of a Knight" , it includes 8 long tracks about 8:00 minutes each, we've been working so hard on them for five months now, the mixdown has started, we're cleaning the tracks and adding some retouches and finalizing them, we want from all of you to be patient, cause this thing is going to KICK SOME ASS!!
We'll keep you all informed about anything new regarding the album in the blog.

And to everyone who is asking for a new concert, we'll rock your place right after the album release.

Thanks to all our fans for their support and Happy New 2003.
See you soon

Recording Has Started

Yesterday all our equipment, guitars, amps, drums etc.. were moved to the studio, where we started recording the first measures from the album, we think this will require huge amount of work from us, and we hope you'll all like it, it must be ready sometime in a couple of months as we expect.

The album is currently titled "Poem Of A Knight" which includes 8 long tracks about 60 minutes, there is a story behind this album and you will be told about it very soon (as we get closer to the end)

Check out the blog for daily updates. Cheers

We'll Start Recording Soon

We've almost done with all the parts and tracks of our new ( FIRST ) self-composed album which we'll start recording it very soon , after about 3 weeks, and the album is expected to be ready at the end of Summer 2002, we think this is going to be a real HUGE work for us ...
Till now the album has 8 long tracks, and 90% of it is ready, and it is untitled yet, we'll keep you updated on all the new events.

We're sorry for the delay between the updates of our site , we've been very busy lately working hard on the album (we'll post pictures taken during our practice sessions soon) And we have a message for our fans in Damascus "Hold on , we're going to rock your place soon"

All Concerts are done successfully thanx for everyone who came

We want to thank all the crowd for the "Musical Progressions" show on 1st November 2001, specially the Damascus crowd for being so great, hope we can meet again someday soon and satisfy you all, so stay calm everyone for now till we prepare for the next project, and keep rocking

To Stand Forever re-recorded

The single "To Stand Forever" has been re-recorded with the new (old) singer Amr Rifai, which gave the whole song a new life and a more powerful sound, it may sell it at the concert on a cd along with other songs from previously done concerts ,and other pictures and stuff from the band.
©2011 - Nu.Clear.Dawn