Aram Kalousdian Shant Hagopian Amr Rifai Elias Tawil Abdel Kareem Shayah


current line-up from left to right Elias Tawil, Shant Hagopian, Amr Rifai, Aram Kalousdian, Abdel Karim.

Nu.Clear.Dawn is an independent progressive metal band hailing from Syria with their debut album entitled "Poem Of A Knight" and they deserve your full attention. They play a very special style of progressive metal, inspired, sometimes with happy melodies, sometimes with dark atmospheres, the originality of their music is sufficient to check them out for any metal fan.

The band, with all the complex compositions and diverse elements, still have the fluent music that will grab your attention and wouldn't let go until the end. 'Poem of a Knight' is one hell of an album standing on its own and surely surpasses most of the progressive albums released lately.

" Poem of a Knight is full of keyboards and interesting arrangements that have an epic quality in them, there is virtuossism in order to achieve great results and that is evident specially on the guitar solos. " - Music Extreme

Nu.Clear.Dawn started in 1997, when guitarist Shant Hagopian and drummer Aram Kalousdian started jamming in the building basement where Shant lives. This was a bet against the odds, as Syria was certainly not the best place to start a metal band. But within the next 10 years, this band would become the first band coming out of this area to play a ton of concerts, including international festivals, and produce a full length album titled “Poem of a knight” in 2003.

The album was a great success by all means, and it spurred out a mini tour around the region in 2004 and on July 4th of the same year Nu.Clear.Dawn were rewarded for their gigantic efforts throughout the years, where they appeared in “Rock The Nations” Festival in Istanbul, Turkey, along several world famous rock and metal bands, like Pain of Salvation, Vanden Plas, Paul DiAnno, Lake of Tears, Amon Amarth, and Epica to name a few. The show was such a success that even Andy, the vocalist of Vanden Plas, mentioned Nu.Clear.Dawn on stage during their part of the show, as a gesture of support. Nu.Clear.Dawn really showed the world that metal can exist even in a place like Syria, provided enough will and determination.

" Nu.Clear.Dawn surprised me really positively, with good musicianship, mature song writing and very well assimilated influences, which very well balances between demand and accessibility and makes appetite for more. They make music that can easily compete with many signed acts! " -The Metal Observer
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